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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  March 26, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! it's the top of the hour and it's wet. it will be wet on the way to work, what about the way home? we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. there's the pretty good chunk of moisture coming throughout the area. give it four hours, we won't see a lot of rain. it will be a morning commute weather event. we'll look at the temperatures. with we're in the mid-50s
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downtown and 54 d.c. and elkton and bel air. 54 in columbia and 52 degrees in annapolis and kent island says 62. 54 degrees in d.c.. and throughout the day, we'll see the temperatures staying in the mid-50s throughout the afternoon. once the sun comes out, here comes the new air mass and we're slipping down to 26 degrees overnight. and just 50 tomorrow. anything wrong in the rush, here's sharon. well, we picked up a new problem approaching the fort mchenry toll plaza. a disabled vehicle is blocking one lane and the police are on the scene on bank street and south broadway. there's 95 approaching the fort mchenry tunnel. everything's moving smoothly despite the rain and the slowdowns. there's 83 and no problem aside
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from the rain either. this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the latest go to a 76-year-old pilot ditches his plane and swims away, unharmed. good morning, once again, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. no one can believe that the pilot survived the crash, not even the two that pulled him out of the water. >> the kids were screaming, did theplay plane go -- did the plane go down and i screamed, no. >> once he hit the water, about a minute later, we saw the body coming up, he was waving his hands and a minute after that, the plane went down. >> the boat owners quickly started a rescue on the south
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river looking for survivers of the small engine plane. we seen the guys head, we believed. we got close up >> he knew what he was doing and he was out of the plane by the time we got to him. >> they brought the pilot, the 76-year-old to the pier arena and the emt's were waiting and he refused treatment. >> we asked, do you want a sweater or blanket and he said he was fine. seeing someone that survived like that, it makes you feel good. >> if he would have went 30 more feet, he would have hit a concrete wall, god bless that gentlemen. >> reporter: this morning, the plane is still submerged and they'll decide how and when to remove the wreckage. >> the police say that the pilot had mechanical trouble.
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he decided to ditch to prevent the worst crash. he's one of the worst rapists in the history of baltimore and he's already convicted of another rape. he's already serving 60 years for six rapes. yesterday, he was sentenced to 30 years for the rape of a 14- year-old in catonsville. his crimes were not planned, he told cbs news. i just needed money. i was kind of drugged up. it was all just random. >> between his latest sentence and another case, he's set to 105 years in prison. >> agents busted up a ring worth of $20 million of organized crime. >> reporter: good morning, it
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began with an investigation of theft and it went into a large federal investigation involving raids of pawnshops there have. >> the police raised 30 businesses and the u.s. attorney says that $20 million worth of hot merchandise has been taken and sold for a profit. this man wanted to pawn his play station and the pawnshop was closed. >> i just needed quick cash. but it was locked up? >> and police are in there and stuff. >> most believe that shoplifting involves one person taking something, but boosting is organized shoplifting by gangs of hired thieves. they take pharmacy items in mass. the police seized a rental truck full of the items today. they tell us about the raise. >> there are a variety of different items.
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the theme is that all of the property is stolen and there are many different victims and types of property. >> reporter: there's also a search and seizure here. the owner isn't charged and released. >> i was shocked and surprised, i do everything legit. >> reporter: he supports a family and he says when he first heard about it months ago, he stopped taking the toiletries. i don't take that kind of merchandise. >> reporter: and filed papers with the court seized ten businesses and 58 bank accounts linked to the crimes. thank you, suzanne and in the past, organized shoplifting has been lunged to gangs. and a done deal once again. the final version of the health care reform bill is heading back to the white house. house democrats approved the changes designed to fix the
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reform. there and the measure includes better benefits for seniors and middle class and low-income families president is still trying to win over skeptics. we'll fight to repeal them. >> and my attitude is, go for it. what this does is build on the system of private health insurance that we have already. >> and since the bill passed, vandals struck home offices of those who voted for it. the nbci is looking into the incident. basketball fans lost sleep last night watching a thrilling game between kansas state and xavier. kansas state makes a big mistake and then they get three easy throws and force it into overtime and after that, they traded shots to push the game into double overtime and in the
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end, the wild cats out last xavier. kansas state wins and another number one seed falls. they led butler for most of the game and they rallied for an 11 point run. and the bulldogs will next face kansas state in the elite 8. >> and the featured games tonight, tennessee and ohio state and purdue and duke. to catch the other two regional contests -- watch them as well. well, you have michigan state and northern iowa and cornell ran into the brick wall known as kansas and you have the cinderella in the form of northern iowa and st. mary's. they're playing bailor and northern iowa, michigan state and they're only favored by 1 in northern iowa.
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right now, from last night, you would have to say butler really, truly is the reigning cinderella. >> yeah, no doubt. >> we'll see what happens after, after tonight's game. that's huge. >> well, this is been the best tournament in recent memory. >> i really agree. >> if someone were out of the country -- [ indiscernible ] this is truly, very truly a uniquely american deal. it's our national college basketball championship. we covered this in more detail than the health bill! and that's just the truth. i mean, there are talk shows devoting hours to the college basketball ship. what do we give you on the health bill? an 18 second sound bite. let's look at the radar.
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we could call this the truth show. big slug of moisture over the area. after the morning commute, it will be out of here and cloudy skies at lunch and breezy conditions throughout the afternoon and staying in the 50s until mid-afternoon. once you see the sun and feel the breeze and know the temperatures will be falling. i'm saying 52 at dinner and we're going down to 26 degrees tonight and much of the day, even with the sunshine tomorrow, temperatures in the 40s. we'll throw it out to the ronster quickly. back to the tournament briefly, i'm rooting for butler. why? because when they win, it will say, butler did it! [ laughter ] >> yeah, that's a good line, that's exactly correct. all right, man. hey, by the way.
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the winds really picked up in the last half hour. >> welcome to a cold front. >> yeah, you said it. you're right. >> we're live at the symphony haul. this is a great story, we'll tell you how to perform if you're a musician. ,,,,,,,,
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marty's in the first warning weather center. >> i was just meandering around. this is a slight breeze out of the north and 3. 36 in oakland and 55 ocean city and pax river and 45 in cumberland and 52 easton and the district and downtown, both at 54 and 50 at bel air and 54 columbia and 52 rock hall and on kent island. i know it's not a -- well, 52 in annapolis.
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and we'll look at the first warning doppler weather radar. this area of low pressure is pulling away. as it does, between the low and the high, we'll see the winds, well, they're picking up now. it will be breezy and windy, and we're tapping cold air out of eastern canada. we'll see an overnight low of 26 and we're not getting warmer than 50. much of the day will be spent in the 40s. what we're talking about today is the 50s throughout much of the day and down to 52 and slightly lower at dinner time. rain ends this morning and midday and partly sunny skies and maybe a nice sunset this evening. >> thank you, and both wind and rain on the way to work and school. here's sharon. we have two more accidents to report, one coming in on 95 southbound in the area of boston street.
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meantime, an accident accident in the city. this is on eastern avenue and it's involving a police car and no i think is are reported though. and there's the drive times and the speeds. still, no delays and there's 95 approaching the tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wonder about the recalls. to get the facts and the information, go to let's go to the ronster. it's >> reporter: you're describing this to me perfectly. if you're a musician, you can perform with the bso.
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>> it's an orchestra fantasy camp. >> if you're a trained musician and you wanted to be on stage with a professional orchestra, this is your chance. >> reporter: and you'll be rehearsing and studying? >> you'll have a full week of being on stage with them and having one-on-one training with them and having one-on-one talks with them and getting inside the music and doing classes on breathing techniques and practice techniques and all types of interesting things. if you're into this kind of thing, this is the academy for you. >> it's unprecedented? >> yes, and there's no other orchestra doing this type of training for the adults.
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>> reporter: how do you get involved? >>, go to the websites. they both work and the application dead line is next thursday, april 1st. if you want a good chance of getting a slot in the academy, april 1st is the dead line. >> we have 50 to 100 depending on the applications and it's a process. we have to review everyone's about level and experience. >> and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and don and marty, it's the fantasy camp with the bso. >> what a great idea, with the bso academy. >> and all right, guys, the cold front is moving in. we'll see you then. >> see you. >> and still to come on this morning edition, a new treatment means fewer days in the hospital after female
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related surgeries. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i want to look at this doppler, i want you to notice, the heavier rain is off to the south and east, and we have
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rain in the area that will be with us throughout the rush hour. we want to go out wider here. we'll look at the updates. once you get into the central kentucky, that's the end of the rain. and i'm going to say between now and 10:00, it's going to rain and slow clearing and chillier conditions. and less is more. a new surgery for women cuts down on hospital stays and recovery time with one tiny incision. gigi barnett has the story. >> would you mind if i examined your belly. >> reporter: for year, she had a sharp pain in her back and she ignored it and one day, it traveled to her legs. >> the pain got worse and i never had numbness in my leg
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before, something was wrong. >> reporter: she took action, there was a growth the sides of a grapefruit on her ovary. >> i was scared of having a major surgery that would keep me from work. >> reporter: she needed a quick recovery and she found this join psychologist who -- gynecologist who told her about the less surgery. >> you can grab, cut, burn and stitch with a lot of the different new instruments. >> reporter: with a tiny incision, she can reach fibroids and hospital time is cut down to hours. a lot of the patients use little pain medicine after the surgery and the complication rates are lower and they're able to get back to their lives quickly. >> reporter: nationwide, 600,000
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hysterectomies are performed and most are done with big incisions. >> i went home two hours later. i was fine, i wish i had done it a long time ago. >> gigi barnett reporting. and that's one of the few hospitals nationwide that offers this procedure. yet to come on the morning edition. >> an amazing rescue after a pilot crashes in the south river. that's just ahead. i'm tara mergener in washington, the final piece of health care reform legislation is on its way to president obama's desk. we could use today's oysters to grow tomorrows and save the bay. there's a police car
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involved in a wreck. coming up on coffee with. you grew up watching us when you were going to school and you do a one woman show and you're all about you. how did i do? >> excellent. was it like it was when you grew up watching? >> better, i need to take lessons from you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday and it's 6:30 and marty's at the first warning weather. well, it's coming down now. here's the first warning doppler weather radar. believe it or not, the strongest rain is to the south and the east. we'll see the rain for the next couple of hours and then, the day part. aol see the cloudy skies leading up to lunch and
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clearing skies into the afternoon. throughout the afternoon, temperatures are slightly falling and 52 in the evening and that may be optimistic, we'll get down to an overnight low of 26. that's barely 50 and a ton of son. >> and what are your chances of a clear shot on the commute. >> unfortunately, the rain is taking its affect on the area roadways. we're hearing of an accident involving a garbage truck. and first accident on 95 southbound at the fort mchenry tunnel. watch for delays because of that and 895 would be an alternate and meantime, a second accident at o'donnell street and that's blocking the left lane and watch for the delays there. and an accident in the city and
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a policeman involved in that one and no injuries and one more accident at liberty heights. this is brought to you by toyota. an important message for toyota owners. to get the facts and the latest, go to >> at the top of the news, the house democrats sent president obama the final fix and a number of people who voted for it have to face hostility. here's tara mergener with more. >> reporter: if final piece of health care legislation is on its way to president obama's desk. both the house and senate approved the fix it bill. it makes the amendments to the law. and among the changes, better
6:33 am
benefits for low-income and middle class families and seniors. president obama will sign the measure next week. he also delivered a bold message to republicans vowing to fight i. >> if they want that fight, we can have it. i don't believe that the american people will put the insurance back in the driver's seat. >> there's one thing both agree on, condemning threats against the lawmakers. the rash of ominous threats, it's despicable. >> reporter: the fbi is investigating incidents against ten house members. it's not just democrats under attack. the virginia office of republican eric can'ter was hit by a bullet tuesday. he says democrats are making this worse.
6:34 am
to use such threats, it's rep prehencable. >> reporter: congress heads home this weekend for the recess and it's a break that they'll hope are bringing peace and quiet. health care reform also aims to crack down on the insurance industry and reducing the deficit by $143 billion. back here, a pilot ditches his plane in anne arundel county and swims away with a few scratches. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this pilot was headed to lee airport and was half a mile away and something went wrong. >> the kids screamed, the plane went down, did i see it and i said, no, let's see if we can find the guy. >> once he hit the water, a minute later, we saw the body coming up and waving his hands
6:35 am
and a minute after that, the plane went down. >> reporter: they started a rescue on the south river looking for the survivers of the plane that crashed. >> we seen the debris and we seen his head and we got close up. >> we knew what he was doing and he was out of the plane by the time we got to him. >> we pulled him into the raft. >> they brought the pilot to the marina and the emt's were waiting and he refused treatment. >> he says he just wanted to go back to the airport. >> seeing that, it makes you feel good that he walked away from it. >> if he went a few more feet, he would have hit a wall. god bless that gentlemen. >> reporter: the plane is still in the south river this morning and the faa and ntsb will
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determine how an when to remove the wreckage. >> the pilot was having mechanical trouble. he decided to ditch his plane in the water. video from inside a hotel in chile is released from the quake. chairs and tables fell over and people grasped to the bar. they rocked back and forth for a long time. it was the largest quake in south american history. this saturday night, it may be dimmer around the state of maryland. it's the annual earth hour event. they're asking people to turn off their lights for an hour. it's to highlight the climate change. and the governor says he's participating. >> the lights are still on in
6:37 am
baltimore city and they're in the midst of a lay off. here's more from mike hellgren. >> reporter: the police commissioner didn't grandstand, but got down to the consequences with the mayor. with 16 million in cuts, he estimates 300 police officers will be gone. the equivalent of two districts. it jeopardizes ten million in federal funds an it will take ten years to catch up the staffing levels. >> it would be uniform police officers and it would be those positions that we lose. >> reporter: the fire chief was there, too. they're heading the council in the south east district. community's upset about this. unfortunately, we're in a
6:38 am
deficit. >> reporter: the cuts also alarmed the state's attorney who tells ha the mayor ordered her to cut 15 people. >> how do you eliminate a program without consultation with the elected state's attorneys. >> reporter: she says that this could be critical. >> i've asked them for a bottom line and they gave me and i indicated if there was no wiggle room, i would do whatever is necessary. >> reporter: the mayor is proposing 50 million on new fees and taxes and hopefully, that will restore some of what's slated to go away. >> what do we cut, i don't have the answer and people are upset. i'll tell you that. >> there's no room to negotiate here. we're cut to the bone. >> the mayor will present the
6:39 am
new fees next month. when most think of recycling, they think of soda bottles and cans. they're launching a shell recycling program. it's an effort to rekindle the bay's population. they'll make oyster beds out in the bay. the orioles already playing this sarasota yesterday and the orioles starting pitcher pitched into the 6th inning without allowing a single run and then, up to bat, adam jones. he did well all season long. the birds go on to destroy the people in pinstripes, 8-0. >> so, what we can say is, turned out the lights on the yankees >> yeah, and that leads me to a
6:40 am
discussion. okay, so what's supposed to happen, when? >> saturday night at 8:30. dim or turn the lights out, that's a statement against global warming and climate change. >> at some point, we have the national lights on to keep the crime at bay. so what we're doing, we'll go ahead and risk it and turn them down or receive jones -- steve jones said, we blow the grid on the east coast. >> well, you know, with a lot of participation, that's a possibility. can i just go ahead and say it? [ laughter ] >> it ain't going to be the lead story sunday morning, it will be the side bar. >> unless it happens. three people in hamilton participated.
6:41 am
>> in three states, they suffered a brown out. >> here's the first warning weather -- >> well, it's a great idea and in the word of the theater, we're all bozo's on the bus, but we're all heading to the chicken shack. >> well, it's almost chicken. >> you understand that. >> well, this is a cool one, this is a website. >> well, there's a performance at the strand theater. >> there she is and it involves our coffee with guest. and along story short. she grew up here. she went to school on the west coast and she's an entertainer and came home to start her career on a one woman show. it is what it is. >> and great coffee with coming up.
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we have traffic and sharon gibala style and go to wjz traffic control. it's raining. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ indiscernible ] i'm not taking the heat alone, dude, that was a good line. take enough heat,the revenues will be up. 92% humidity and a northerly breeze at 3 and the barometer, 29.67 and we're in the 50s down to the corridor and 50 towards elkton. and 55 pax river and ocean city and 45 cumberland and oakland and 48 in westminster and we're looking at 52 rock hall and 52 in annapolis and 54 in columbia. low pressure that's giving us the morning rain gets out of here and after the fact between the rotation behind the low and the rotation up to the high -- we'll see the cold air coming into the neighborhood. tonight, 26 degrees and
6:46 am
tomorrow, just a high of 50. blazing sunshine. and indeed, this is a colder pool of air coming down the east coast. let's look at numbers. mid-50s for lunch and down 26 tonight and 50 tomorrow and partly sunny to start sunday. we'll have a high in the 50s and sunday night, more showers lingering into monday morning. with the brake lights shining brightly, here's sharon. >> well, it's gotten busy, a bunch of accidents and two on the cameras. one is blocking the left lane and we're having a delay. there's an accident on the fort mchenry tunnel and the right tube's getting by and the traffic's slow there as well. also an accident at the onramp and another at 108 with a garbage truck and an accident in the city with a police car
6:47 am
and another in city, liberty heights and one more at valley and east middle. there's a live look outside at the 29 and 108. this is brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the recalls. to get the facts and the information, go to >> i've got to respect that. she came home and put together this one person show. this is going to be happening tonight on charles street. it's across from the club charles. you know what? i like local stories and not only that, she's a nice woman.
6:48 am
>> welcome back to baltimore and the eyewitness news morning edition. >> you're the kind of guest i really enjoy having on the show. >> really? >> i'll tell you why, you never know what's in your own backyard and it starts there and we like talking to the satellite interviews with the stars, 99% of them are really nice people, but to me, local wins. >> in a few years, we'll talk to you on the satellite when you're a big time star. >> so, this is the website for charmed, i'm sure. you put together a one woman, one actor show, if you will. tell me what makes this, what would make this appealing from someone from baltimore and someone who's just moved into the area? >> well, it's embodied
6:49 am
baltimore. it made me who i am today. i had to move to l.a. to discover it within me. when i saw a solo show, i was just like blown away and i thought, wow! they can relate to me, i can do that theater. i started to write in college and i wrote this. i thought, i have got to perform it in baltimore. >> how long did it take to write? >> well, i guess a few months. a semester in college. >> well, hip theater isn't a concept that's really come to baltimore. it's relatively staged. i'm not downing anyone. it's a great theater. and i think that it's more traditional. it's like you're punching through a wall mere.
6:50 am
>> i didn't love theater as much growing up until i went to l.a. and i wanted to be relatable and express my love for theater to people who don't know it. i had an overprotective mother and i couldn't date until i was 18 and being out in baltimore and seeing my friends doing what they wanted to do, i was rebellious. >> rebellious in baltimore? what did you do? well, i was trying to date when i was 13 because i couldn't until i was 18. >> does your mother know it now? >> yeah, she knows it now. >> when she goes to see the show and she's hearing these things. what was the moment of truth
6:51 am
when you had one-on-one time with her. tell me the truth. well, actually, she loved it. >> well, if this hits, you can't take it on the road to other cities, is it going to take you back to new york and l.a.? >> i don't know, we'll see. i'm planning on staying here in baltimore. >> i understand that. well, you can't do the show for the rest of your life. but it's baltimore, if you want to do something with your career, you have to go. i may just go back to l.a. or new york. i'm planning on going to l.a. temporarily over the summer to do more projects. well, i'll give you this, one of the greatest lines from the movie "diner" is at the end and he says, kid, when are you going to start dreaming and he
6:52 am
says, if you haven't got dreams, what if you got, nightmares. you have to have dreams. >> a coworker did a one woman show. >> what happened to her. it's a show called oprah. and it only ran for like two weeks. >> well, if you haven't got dreams, what have you got. hopefully, i'll be like oprah. >> well, how can we find out more. go to my website. they can also call the strand theater for more. >> and it's on north charles street. >> yeah, or google it and you'll get there. >> all right, we're going to keep up with you. >> and we don't want to deal
6:53 am
with any agencies, we want a straight call. >> we're not in the show are we. >> no, oh, no. >> okay, second show. >> i was thinking about writing a second one and i'll put you guys in it >> we have traffic and first warning weather and more. ♪ [ sniffs ] morning. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ folgers in your cup
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here's the doppler weather radar. what we're seeing here is a bit of a break in the rain around
6:56 am
the metro. and there's a whole bunch more signature out to the west. it rains until about 10:00 this morning and the day part shows temperatures in the 50s and we'll be in the low 50s this evening and the temperatures into the 20s. into the mid-20s. that's overnight. now, over to sharon gibala. good morning, sharon. well, we have no breaks in the problems on the beltway. and that's on the left should aeroened still, a delay there and 95, there's an accident there and there's a garbage truck and too many problems to mention all of them. don, back to you. >> >> stay with wjz-13, still ahead for you this morning -- [no audio]
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